What I offer is custom made for a specific occasion or person.  I take what a customer wants, as an idea, whether it’s for a birthday or a wedding and turn it into something they will love.  I will take special requests – I even made a maple bacon cake once!

If you are looking for custom baked goods I can do that for you! Cookies and cakes are often a big part of any celebration whether it is a birthday party, a bridal shower, a wedding or a gift.  Nothing is better than being able to serve homemade goodies and I use nothing but the best of ingredients.  Everything from start to finish is created by me in my kitchen.  From the menu planning and designing, to the mixing of ingredients and baking, I love it!

The really exciting part though is the finishing …

My specialty is decorating and being able to customize it especially for you.  I use the best of ingredients and I will take the time to do any extra touches that make it personal.  Everything is homemade and I will work together with you to create something that is unique and special.

Baking has always been a passion of mine.  As long as I can remember, I have been baking with my mom and grandma.   For the past seven years, I have been sharing my skills by creating cakes and cookies for friends and family.  It was when I moved to the Muskoka area and started my family that I was encouraged by friends and my husband Ryan to take it to the next level. They helped me with the confidence to begin this family run business and to really develop and showcase what I can do!

I am a mom to two beautiful kids who are a constant source of inspiration.  About 5 years ago when I started my family I was looking for a way to run a business where I could be at home, have flexible hours, and really do something that I love. Life is too short not to spend doing something I am passionate about.  I have always loved creating things.  Baking encompasses all the things I enjoy and allows me an opportunity to share time with my family and friends while having a business where I get to create delicious cookies and cakes.

I love being super creative and taking the time to make it just right. I enjoy working on making things perfect knowing that people are counting on me for their special day. It is always fantastic to hear from people once they have received their order and to hear how pleased they are with what I have made for them!

I named my company Bria + Co, after my children who truly inspire me to follow my dreams.  I look forward to sharing my cakes, cookies and everything in between!